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Jan 18, 2020
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We have several locations in our agency that we requested an initial GMB postcard right at the pandemic hit. The postcards never arrived. When I request a new postcard now, there is a glitch on the Google page that does not let me enter an address for the new postcard. It auto corrects and returns to the name field first, but won't let me enter the additional info in street address, city, state or zip:
Postcard request error.png

I've tried this on three different GMB accounts that all have access to these listings, and all are doing the same. I've tried this on the 5 locations that are stuck with this same error. When speaking with GMB support, I'm being told that I'm either being rerouted to a specialist (then never hear back even when I reply to the email thread every 2-3 days), or I'm receiving error responses (answers to questions that are not mine-anyone else seeing crazy responses back??), or one that required multiple photos to be taken and proof of rental agreement (possibly being flagged for some reason?) as there was no proof of this business. The most recent email response said they do not see this location request (of course there is no maps link or CID yet to share), even though I share my internal GMB URL, include screen shots, and screen videos. Any tips? The latter error makes me think that the initial set up and request never went through the system, and I should start over with the initial postcard request. Is this a bad idea?
FYI here was today's reply (which again does not feel related at all). 4 out of 5 of ours in this situation are SABs, so I will try entering the address, then hide the address once verified. Still feels like the wrong answer.

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