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Aug 4, 2012
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Hi All,

We all know that (quality+quantity) of Citations are vital for ranking well in Local. There are some excellent posts on Citation building from a lot of people, however, I think we have been missing a "proper comprehensive guide" on the topic that brings together the science/methodology of Citation Building.

Until Now that is! :D

Nyagoslav Zhekov has produced such a comprehensive guide that covers everything to do with Citation Building:

Citation Building Guide | Local Search Marketing by NGS

I myself wanted us to improve at how we approached Citations. I was particularly finding it quite time consuming doing the "Research" side of it, and finding the existing Citations to clean up and improve the consistency. So, on this frustration, I decided to grab the guide on Christmas Eve, and have been reading it over the past few weeks. It's really helped me improve and I'm going to use it for training purposes as well.

I've noticed that (with Citations), you really need to keep organised and have a system that works. Otherwise, it's going to take up your time and results will be harder to achieve.

Anyway, this is highly recommended by me! :D
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Thanks for the kind words, Nick. I am happy you found it useful. As I mentioned to you in the update I am planning for the beginning of February I will include information specific to other countries, and specifically UK, Canada, and Australia.

Thanks again!
This is a great find! I wanted to talk about it a bit since I have had the time to read the material. I appreciate your step by step analysis and for me the biggest value is helping others become organized about the entire process. Also, the tools that you have talked about and then discussed how you use them is priceless!
I completely agree with Marie. It really is a great guide!

As mentioned, I was really looking for a guide to assist on organizing the whole process from start to finish. The fact is that "Citation Building/Editing/Researching/Resolving" can be really difficult (in a lot of cases)! So, you have to make sure you are organized to get through it well. You have to pay attention to the details and have a system that works.

The "spreadsheet templates" and recommended tools are priceless! Make life so much easier. The citations will never get the best of me again!:D

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