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Sep 5, 2013
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Somehow one of our clients had a listing that got created with a false phone number, client's company name and city state but not an address.

How should I proceed?

They already have an established listing that is correct on Express Update (I did claim it, the free way however it was previous to new system in May).

Should I claim the bad number? And then try to fix it or what?

Thanks for your ideas.
You have two options that I know of.

  1. Claim and update so that it's correct
  2. E-mail, or better yet, have the client e-mail them requesting to have it removed -

As far as I know, there is no way to claim and delete a listing from their database.

I think I would actually do both options. Since it could take a couple months for ExpressUpdate to remove the listing after e-mailing them, I would claim and update it, and then e-mail them asking them to remove the duplicate.
Colan nailed it. There's no simple way to delete an ExpressUpdate listing. But you can do so on LocalEze and Acxiom (

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