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Dec 16, 2015
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I'm running into issues with Facebook Pages for client's with local businesses. I've spent an hour digging through Facebook's Help site and various websites that say they have a way to contact Facebook.

Any idea how to contact Facebook to get the following issues resolved?

1. Facebook won't let us create a Facebook page for each business location using the same name. The locations are part of a franchise but Facebook says we already manage a page with that name and there is no apparent workaround. Help!

2. A business page name was updated when we connected Yext to Facebook. The business name was updated in Yext but now the Page name won't change on Facebook. We need to revert back but can't figure out how to get support.

Any help or hints would be appreciated!
Do you have a link to the page? We can at least help correct the name with some suggested edits.

I might try and create a few faux accounts to build the pages you need (you may need a new account for each) then share/transfer ownership to your 1 account. They cracked down on the community being able to just add a business like the good ole' days. :\
Chris we have the same issue. Even more interesting is Facebook created the pages for us all with the exact same title for a few of our locations yet we can't go in and create pages for the locations they left out.

My suggestion would be to call each page something like "FRANCHISE NAME of Chicago" and "FRANCHISE NAME of Philadelphia" etc.

Facebook is maddening in terms of support and so I'd be curious to see if anyone else here has a suggestion on how to actually get in touch with a real live human over there. Even Google has someone you can call!
I managed to get some support via the Ad team for the Page name issue. They emailed me from the address: I'm going to try emailing that address for my other issues. We'll see what happens :)
I've had some luck communicating with support via fb messenger. You just have to be patient and willing to wait 24 to 48 hours for a response.

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