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Jul 24, 2019
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I've been having a problem when clients send an invitation to manage their GMB profile. When I click on the button to accept the invitation, I get an error message that says "Failed to accept invitation". I can't seem to find any answers as to why that's happening. I'm logged in with the same email address the invitation is sent to. And I've been able to accept the invitations in the past. I'm guessing that I somehow have things set up incorrectly but I have no idea what to change. I'm not using an agency account - does that make a difference?

Has anyone else experienced this error? Any suggestions for how to resolve the problem?
Hi @MonicaH My first question was going to be about the agency account. But you answered that. This is a common occurrence when you upgrade to the agency dashboard and users send GMB manager invitations to the individual members of the agency dashboard.

Have you tried reaching out to GMB support?
Thanks Colan - I haven't tried GMB support yet. But I was talking with Ben Fisher yesterday and he mentioned that this seems to be a bug with accounts using a G Suite email address (like mine).

I'm thinking I may just switch to an agency account instead ...
What I have done before is remove the user from gmb and then have clients resend/add the email to the allowed users and it usually works the second time around. I have never had an agency account manage gmbs before so its unrelated in my opinion, its an issue with the system its self. Hope you get it sorted out either way.

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