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Dec 12, 2013
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I'm feeling as though I have the the schema correclty included on my site, but yet, I can't seem to trigger the FAQ schema for the site. Any reason why Yelp, and others always seem to get the FAQ Schema, but, I can't seem to get it? An example is:

AFAIK, Google limits the number of FAQ's to 3 results on a SERP. How and which results they choose to display the FAQ's I am not sure... the quality of the page, usefulness for the user, ...?
Your markup is valid and can cause rich snippets. A site: search on that page shows that.

This typically means there is a quality issue with the page/site or a relevance issue with the queries you are testing it with. Or sometimes it can be the presence of a banned word.

A good idea is to check FAQs rich results in the Performance->Search Appearance report of your Google Search Console. It may be working for others.

There's no official top limit for the number of answers you can include. But I think Google needs to find at least 3 it likes before showing the snippet.
FAQ mark up is supposed to be used on a FAQ page not just dropped on to another page to try and get the rich results display.

Also, If it's virtually the same questions and answers it shouldn't be used on multiple pages either.

It's basically like the review stars mark-up, abuse it and Google won't display it for your site even when marked up correctly
FWIW I was recently working on a project exploring FAQ page best practices. (My company has a product that brings your FAQ content from Google-indexed pages into chat, SMS, GMB messaging, etc. to answer common customer questions automatically.)

What I learned? You absolutely can and should:
  • Markup as many Q&A pairs as you have. As @Tiggerito points out, there is no top limit and Google will digest them all, decide what they like.
  • Put them on a dedicated page as @UKSBD recommends: The schema entity name is "FAQ page" for a reason! And I would argue that if a searcher has so specific a question as to trigger your FAQ rich results, then your FAQ page should be a fine entry point for them to your site. (*If* they actually click through the SERP, grrrr! Haha!) Maybe just ensure your FAQ page has the CTAs you need to move those visitors into your funnel or whatever...
  • Just as UKSBD mentions how *not* to use multiple pages for the same FAQ content, if you have a lot of FAQ content you might consider breaking it into multiple "topical" FAQ pages for the same reasons you might have multiple location pages or other granular content: to create more "surface area" and opportunities for the snippets to show. An example of this is McDonald's FAQ pages: McDonald's FAQ: Food Facts, Nutrition Info & More | McDonald's )
Anyone else having success with marked-up FAQ pages? It seems to be an underutilized tactic among local brands and businesses for sure.


P.S. In case you're interested, this is the project I mentioned: How to Turn Your FAQs Into a Text/SMS and GMB Chatbot
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I'm an seo tester which means I launch a couple of tests every day or 2. I have several Javascript tests running. Getting nada. Schema that tests valid is fine. Its not you, json is technically Javascript and right now google is not processing Javascript. I would say none of us can force Google to process an information stream that is turned on their end. Set it up have it validated and when Google gets back to processing js, you'll be set.

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