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Jul 7, 2017
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Hi all

I know there has been some rumors of a recent February algorithm update for Google. I just pulled Insights for 2 clients--one in banking and one in healthcare and both dropped massively for February(almost by a milllion views each)

Has anyone else seen this????
Hi @sarmcl. Seems you're not alone, sadly :(. Barry Schwartz just shared this update — apparently lots of people noticed huge traffic drops over the weekend.

I don't think we can expect Google to comment, they've claimed in the past that they're constantly updating and tweaking algorithms anyway. That said, there has been some speculation the vast drops could be to do with the nofollow update taking effect.

There's more chat over at Webmaster World too but it's hard to pinpoint an obvious reason!
Definitely seeing the same thing across multiple clients. Also saw large SERP declines over the same period. Troubling.
You can go to main GMB dashboard, click the location(s) you want, then and click on Insights from drop down on right side. From there you can pick specific dates. I believe it goes back a year and a half or so.

That's really strange. When I click on insights, I don't see a reporting option. I do see insights, but those only go back one quarter. Is that picture from your GMB app, or some other third party app?
Nope I am in GMB dashboard. Do you have multiple locations or just a one off?

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