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Dec 18, 2012
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I had my first Google Support call today. Lasted 55 minutes, and he accidentally hung up with ONE LAST ISSUE to correct...UGH!

Kind of frustrating as this dental client of mine has a bigtime mess on his hands, and at one point the google guy wanted me to verify an incorrect listing, which was the last issue for the phone call.

He put me on hold, then got disconnected.

As Linda has said, most of the dentists have dupe listings, as well as multiple phone numbers from a purchase of the practice.

I am seeing this with almost every dental client of mine at this point.
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Thanks for reporting Mike. I'm surprised they would even stay on a call that long.

I believe support was designed to fix A problem. "There is a dupe" - they fix it - 5 minutes phone time max. If you had them on the phone for 55 minutes it was likely there were too many problems brought up to deal with.

When you have a badly scrambled listing that has likely tied in knots with multiple problems over time, support is not usually going to go that deep. They aren't consultants or troubleshooters they are just there to help more with an individual data issue. My guess is if they spent 55 minutes on every call they would not have time to help anyone or would probably shut it down. Luckily all listings aren't that complicated though thank goodness.

Thanks again for reporting.

I don't know if this can happen this quickly, but google after the call, looks like they deleted the listing I wanted to KEEP, and kept the old docs listing...UGH!

I type their business name in quotes; plus phone number, and cannot find the listing I wanted to keep.

Now what?

The way you are searching is not ideal for finding listings or dupes. (If you are using Google search, which is sounds like you are.)

Double check by map search phone only in this format (555) 222-3333.
Don't have the details required to even begin to recommend anything.

All I can suggest is to try calling support back to explain what happened and see if they can help you.
2nd call with google pertaining to the same issue. It seems after the first call they either merged or deleted the wrong listing.

So here's what's going on.
  • Dentist (oral surgeon) bought practice.
  • Previous owner still their working til end of year.
  • He has his own G+ Local Listing under his name.
  • When you type in keyword, his personal G+ Local shows in 7 pack.
  • There is another dup situation.
  • Google told me to create a NEW G+Local for the new "practitioner".

So as it looks, there is a G+Local for the previous doc, there is a merged company one that is not showing in the 7 pack, and they want me to create this 3rd one for new doc.

Does this make sense? I'm confused!

Thanks in advance,
Sorry Mike can't wrap my head around it with that info.

Plus have been out for 2 days with family medical issues, am totally fried and way behind on consulting clients, so slammed all weekend trying to catch up.

Since this went from a general discussion into a very complicated request for help on a specific listing, I had to move this to the "Help and Support" forum.

In this section of the forum in order to best help folks, without wasting volunteer's time OR risking potentially giving bad advice, we now require the info requested in the rules below.

Please see: Rules for the Help & Support Forum

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