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Mar 15, 2013
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Just wanted to share a document I've made and use every single day. It's been working great at collecting local reviews. It is basically a template for a customer email aimed at making them find your review sites as easily and quickly as possible. Customers often have the desire to leave you a review, for all of 3 seconds! So you need to make it as easy as humanly possible. If you have any ideas for improvement let me know.

I've removed all my URLS from the hyperlinks, so if you like it you can simply put your review site URLS in along with the rest of the red highlighted sections.

The key is to make that first paragraph nice and personal!

You'll find the Review Request Email attached.. simply copy and paste into your email or mass send them to a list!
Thanks so much Ross for taking the time to share your review email with us.
We appreciate it!
Thanks for sharing! Much appreciated. What would you say your conversion rate on this email might be? Do you have a solid way of tracking email open rates, then referencing the pages mentioned in the email to see if someone left a review? I'm interested to know what kind of success you've seen with this email template.
Good questions. I can only give experience from the side of a service business. Conversion is low, but it's expected. Most service consumers don't leave reviews unless they're upset and an unprofessional job was done. If we've done our job right, they will barely know we were there!

Using this template will work but we send it immediately after service and my receptionist will call the customer within one hour of job completion to check in and remind them how important reviews are to us.

I am not an SEO professional and my only way of tracking is by matching the reviews with our email/client lists in QBs.

I'm sure others will have much more effective ways of doing this.
Thank you that is much appreciated. I have been putting it off making a request email and this will make me get them sent out now.:D

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