Sep 18, 2012
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Hi Everyone,

I have a problem with the Google+ local analytics & ranks for my client, my client is getting impression more than 50% from unwanted keywords like child support, childsupport, child support office and ranking in first page for all these keywords. He doesn?t want any calls or visitors with those keywords because he is not providing such type of services. My client is based on Dallas city he is providing Immigration service, his category keywords are ?Immigration Attorney, abogado de inmigracion, Immigration & Naturalization Service, green card attorney, deportation defense lawyer?. We didn?t mention such type of words anywhere in the G+ Local listing while optimizing. When we didn?t mention those words in my listing why we are ranking for those words and getting impressions and rankings. Please can some help me out on how to fix this bug?

Linda Buquet

Local Search Expert
Jun 28, 2012
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In Google Map Maker it shows that there was a dupe that was merged. The cats on the dupe are:

Trial Attorney, Child Support Attorney, Estate Planning At (Wills & Probate), Family Law, Family Law Attorneys, Wills & Probate, Child Custody, DWI, Immigration & Naturalization Service, Immigration, Deportation, Immigration Lawyers, Family Law Attorney, Estate Planning Attorney

So I wonder if that's part of the problem? If so, I'm sorry - I don't know what to do or how to fix it. But one of our MapMaker experts may.

Simon James

Jul 19, 2012
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It won't help for Google's understanding that (along with the address!) the following line appears as the home page search snippet: "Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert Services by LAD Solutions."

Also the Places page has it's address as "900 Jackson Street, Dallas, X75202", whereas their website says "
900 Jackson Street, Suite.535 Dallas, X75202"

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