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Oct 16, 2013
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We often post a link of the YouTube video we have created for our customers on their G+ page. While doing some review I noticed that the post from G+ was appearing as a comment on the video in YouTube.

To me, it looks a little shady. This is a relatively new update connecting the two so there might not be a lot known about it at the moment but would you say that this practice has now become spammy? Or would you say it is a no harm, no foul move?

Are there any new tactics or best practices for posting or interacting with videos on G+ and YouTube?
Hi Ray,

I don't have an answer to your question but I am doing some research into videos and would like to see what you are talking about.

Would you mind PMing me a couple examples so I can ask you a couple questions off the forum?
Thanks for sharing that example with me via PM Ray.

Glad I saw it because it's totally different than what I thought you were saying.

When you said "We often post a link of the YouTube video we have created for our customers on their G+ page."

I thought you meant posting it right on the page in the videos tab and was related to something I was looking into.

You were talking about doing a G+ post with a link to video in the post. And then whatever text in the G+ post shows as a comment on the Youtube page. (Totally backwards from what I was picturing.)

I'm not sure it's an issue since Google set it up that way and wants to connect the 2 like that.
Sorry about the confusion, I'm glad we were able to clear that up though. And thank you very much for your feedback

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