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Jun 16, 2020
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A few users this morning (me included) have noticed that the appointment link in the "Info" section of the GBP Manager is not available and it was there before (it had a link as well).

So is this a bug or is Google removing this feature in favor of 3rd party booking integration?

Is this happening to any of you?


Interesting. Yes, I'm seeing this as well. I went to see if you could still edit it via Suggest an Edit on Google Maps and you can only remove it (not change it). Weird that they would keep it live still in the Knowledge Panel if there is no easy way to update it.

Thanks Joy.

I didn't check the "Suggest an edit" before, I just checked it and I can see the same.

the plot thickens :unsure:

I noticed today on one of the profiles I manage that all the posts with a “Book” link have all been changed to the websites homepage.
We can still submit the appointment URL via API. Tried on a listing that didn't have it before and it's not populating. Looks like although we can submit it, it's not being accepted.
The appointment link is back in the Info section of the GBP Manager. Even though the field is blank and appears that Google removed the previous appointment link:



if we go to the public profile it shows the previous link.



The "Suggest an Edit" is showing remove option only:


Also, when trying to use Google Search and click on the "Add appointment link” for profiles without it, the services dialog box appears...



Google probably needs to shine some light on this issue.
Client I know was using this feature still had it showing up in Search but in GMB it was blanked out.
Refilled it and saved it. No change.
Refilled it, checked the "preferred" star icon, and saved it. Now says "Under review"

Very strange. A profile I manage has the links there today, and all the links still appear to be showing in the knowledge panel. Client is in the carpet cleaning vertical.



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