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Jul 27, 2012
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Hi Guys

We gave up our office during the lockdown and have just got around to updating the GBP.

I changed the address to our registered address (which is a mail only address) and requested a post card.

My GBP was suspended (Google must recognise it). Booooo!

I updated my GBP to show no address - working from home and servicing customers at their address - and the listing was reinstated. Yay!


Now, when I Google 'Lollipop Local' I don't see my GBP listing with all the reviews and posts.

It just shows a box on the right that says 'See results about Lollipop Local'. If you click that you see a very small knowledge panel with the formation date of the company and the website URL.

Is that normal now for companies that work from home?

As an admin, I can still see a button to view my old listing with all the reviews and posts. It's just not visible to the public.

What can I do to get my full listing to show to the public again proudly to the right of my Company name when someone does a search for my company?
I am not sure what you are referring to. Can you post a screenshot of what you are getting? I get your KP to show up when I searched Lollipop Local.

Now I am wondering if I am having a senior moment @keyserholiday
This is what I was seeing this morning on Google Chrome and I have just checked on Firefox this afternoon and I still see the same tiny box on the right (obviously without the Google profile bit because I am not logged in)
The view profile is because you are logged in with the email address that manages the business profile. Try searching while being logged out or use incognito.
Hi @keyserholiday

image (5).jpg

I asked a colleague in the UK what they can see and they see the same as me - no GBP listing. Just the small box.
Is this because I am not showing an address in my listing?

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