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Nov 18, 2020
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Some of our clients are seeing an increase in GBP ownership requests that appear to be spam.

1. Google says when you request ownership that the "current owner" has 3-5 days to respond. If a company is getting an influx of ownership requests and they miss one, do they run the risk of Google automatically transferring ownership due to a lack of response to one? Even if we're active monthly in the account.

2. Is there a way to combat the spam ownership requests other than consistently "denying" the request?
1. Yes, but now new users are locked in for 7 days, so they cannot remove another user for the first seven days.
2. No.
I've seen 7 ownership requests to the same account in the past 30 days. The first few were all from the same name and email and then it was quiet and then a renewed round, 1 request per day in early April, new name and email. In all the cases, we've rejected the requests, but it's unnerving and I didn't know if there is anything else to do? I haven't seen this before and then the frequency of the requests makes me worry that we might miss a request and lose control of the account.

Talk me off the ledge.

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