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Aug 15, 2022
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Hi, so about two months ago I started getting complaints from customers that when they find my company on google and click the call button the call gets transferred to a different company. I have turned off call history and all access to third party apps and the issue is still persisting. I've been in touch with google and they say that they see nothing wrong with my profile and there is nothing they can do. Fast forward to yesterday 8/16/22 I come to find from one of my customers that aside from the phone number issue that there is a business profile with the same name as mine & the same reviews (aside from one negative review) but with a totally different phone number & pictures. The phone number issue that I'm getting with my GBP profile with the calls being transferred to the other company when they hit the call button and this duplicate profile thats been created also have this other companies phone number listed and when customers call it goes directly to the other company? Has this other company created a duplicate profile possibly or is this a google issue?

This is the link with my company and the correct profile -

This is the duplicate company not operated by me -

Any insight would be greatly appreciated, I'm on my third open case with google and they keep giving me generic answers with no solution and I keep getting the runaround from one department to another. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Report the profile using this form.

Thank you, I'll try doing that if there is no resolution with google. Honestly I feel kind of scared trying to use that form as I feel this fake profile is in someway connected to mine and by doing that I leave the possibility of getting mine removed also, whats your opinion on that? I've just been reading a lot of horror stories about google on these forums. How about the phone number issue that I'm experiencing, do you have any insight on that? I have call history turned off.
Maybe it's because I'm looking while in Montreal, but... your profile seems to not have a phone number showing at all?
No, it's not due to your location. My phone number and any pictures I add to my profile stay on for less than a week and then I have to update them. Currently I can't add a phone number as it says too many edits have been made to my phone number and it can't be currently updated. Currently based off of what I've read online as it seems other people have had this same problem is to wait 72hrs before I can update. All in all it's a big mess that I feel won't be corrected easily

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