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Jul 19, 2022
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Hi, Everyone.

The business profile for our business, Jainchill & Beckert in Plainville, CT, was removed through the user dashboard (we are not sure if this was done maliciously or accidentally).

I made a new listing on Dec 14th, verified the listing using the business phone number, and was told that the business did not go live and I have to contact support.

This is what I see in the GBP dashboard - 12.19.2022-18.32.30.

I contacted Google support on December 14th and they made a ticket for me that they did not respond to.

What can I do to expedite this request?

That's very bizarre. If you contacted support, did you get an automatic response from Google with a case ID?
Thank you everyone!

We were able to add the REMOVED listing back to our agency dashboard without needing to verify it.

Although we needed to start the listing from scratch, we at least we are able to do that without going through Google support.

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