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Nov 7, 2019
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Hello all,

Our business Quality Steamer (Listing ID: 144512434504454917) was suspended on gmb. I have filled out the reinstatement request form via Google, but they responded with pretty much basic generic answers. This business was suspended after we changed the address, didn't receive a verification card for the new address, submitted for another verification and then it suspended. Nothing else changed to the listing. This listing has been on Google for 3+ years with over 200 reviews. First google support asked for proof of the biz location (new). We sent utility bills, business lisc from the state, etc. They then emailed back the listing violated guidelines and to review the guidelines. I went through every guideline, we don't violate any. I think the support team is confused and I don't know what else to do now. Please don't provide me w a generic answer like fix quality guidelines. There is nothing to be fixed. See attached emails between myself and google support. We run and pay for Google Local Ads and our local ads account since our biz profile was suspended only shows 2 reviews and has been leading to less business. We need our GMB account unsuspended and I'm not sure where to turn now to do this?





I always make a point to clarify why the address is shown or not. Sometimes the suspension occurs before we could hide the address, other times we verify at an office, but it is an industry where clients don't routinely meet the professional in their office (e.g. real estate and mortgage brokers).

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