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Sep 12, 2018
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In regards to GBP video verification can you record a video of your office location and everything else Google requires then upload the video to a laptop then verify it that way? I am trying to figure out how video verification can be done if your working for an agency managing multiple clients. @Colan Nielsen.
Hi Oliver, I think that was an option at one time but not anymore.

It's either a live video where a Google rep is on the line as you record it, or a prerecorded video that you need to upload as soon as you are done. Google purposefully designed these to be shot onsite and uploaded in real time.
Hi @Colan Nielsen

Thanks for the information. There only appears to be the option of recording video verification from your phone live and there is no option to upload a prerecorded videos? Is it worth submitting a ticket with google business profile to get my GBP verified via phone or a code in the post? Thanks
Thanks @Colan Nielsen Nielsen . A video verification was submitted to my gbp via smartphone. Interestingly my video verification is taking longer than normal taking upto 30 days now, instead of 5 days. Does anyone have have any data on success rates for video verification? Appreciate your advice.
Hi Oliver, I know that a lot of videos seem to fail. Usually it's because something sensitive was shown in the video such as banking info or a persons face. Or, it can be because the video didn't show enough clear proof. You can contact support or try again.

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