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Apr 6, 2016
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Have you ever had a call or an email from a client saying something like "...why can't I see myself in the 3 pack when I search for myself? I'm having a latte in Starbucks just 3 blocks from my office", or at least something similar.

Well don't despair because help is at hand from this brilliant location setting site which gives you an easy way to get localized SERPs at an exact location.

Local & International Google SERP Checker

In the video below I show you a working example of how to use the site above.

Tip: I find it best to use this tool in Chrome Incognito mode so it keeps it away from changing my own default browser location settings.

I hope this helps, thank you.
Thanks, Andy!

Here is a similar tool from BrightLocal. This one has been my own go-to for a long time for such research: View Google Search Results from any Location in any Country

Thanks Tim, yes I love this tool also BUT it's at zip code level not exact user location level, we all know how much a 3 pack can change just 1 or 2 blocks away from a users location. It's all about proximity, I know my client will see a different 3 pack from his office compared to when he's sat in Starbucks just down the road. So I use this tool to see exactly what they might be seeing.

Thank you.
I understand your poing, @AndySimpson. I can see uses for both tools, where the BL tool might be quicker to use but the other tool more precise.

Neat-o! :)
This is fantastic. Like you mentioned, so much of a search comes down to some pretty exact global positioning. We use ISearchFrom to replicate searches from a specific location but we may be switching since this tool allows you to input longitude and latitude. Thanks for sharing!
Yes, use GEOs! If you use cities or even zips, you'll get a very limited picture. I know many of the major trackers take GEOs for locations (including STAT Search Analytics). Also, if you haven't already, take a look at

I hadn't taken time before now to look at LocalFalcon. Very, very cool. Wow!
Yes, use GEOs! If you use cities or even zips, you'll get a very limited picture. I know many of the major trackers take GEOs for locations (including STAT Search Analytics). Also, if you haven't already, take a look at

.....LocalFalcon is my new play tool / toy of choice over the past couple of weeks. I love it!
LocalFalcon is pretty cool. It's hard to verify the accuracy but if it is an accurate tool, it really looks to give you a great snapshot of what's going on. I believe Yan Gilbert is behind it.

Hey @Yan Gilbert, come in here and get your kudos!
One thing I did do is test this location tool to see how accurate it is at replicating what a user would actually see at that location.

Quite simply I faked my location to a nearby Starbucks, ran a desktop / mobile search and recorded the results. I then drove to that location and did exactly the same search from that location...and then compared the two results. As far as I am concerned they are as good as exactly the same results, I made a short video of my test and findings.

Thanks everyone. I'm not to self promote here since I am an admin on the board and that may rankle some of the advertisers, but I totally appreciate the mentions.

Very honorable of you, Yan. Boy, you certainly have something to be proud of here, though. What a great idea!
Oh. my. GOODNESS! I love new tools... this one looks amazing, @Yan Gilbert ! Definitely bookmarked.

I use the brightlocal tool almost exclusively. I've also found that if I use it on my mobile phone, I can simulate mobile results as well. I stopped using isearchfrom when I realized that I could only see the first page of results using that location. It reverts to my location when I click to pg 2. Or at least it used to...
I'm noticing an issue with this tool (Local & International Google SERP Checker). When I put in coordinates for 17744 W 53rd Dr, Golden, CO 80403, USA and hit search, the search results page it takes me to says it's searching from Arvada, CO way down at the bottom.
How weird... at first I thought the issue might be that Arvada shares a zip code with Golden, and is much larger as well.... But when I try to search, I get Golden Gate Canyon CO: 2018-10-10_0943

Moving the PIN marker in the map to a specific address in Golden seems to have fixed the issue for me. I wonder why the tool isn't finding Golden on it's own with just city, state or zip?
I wonder if it's because it's quite a remote location? :unsure:

I can ping the developer if you want, he's a really cool guy.

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 10.58.27.png
Golden isn't really that remote's population is around 20,000. Compared to Arvada that's small, but not really that small in general. I live in a town of about 2,000 and the tool is able to find it.

Your blue marker is located just north of Golden also. Still closer than I was getting before manually relocating the pin.
@AndySimpson please do! I can't get it to work even when I move the pin. Keeps defaulting to Arvada. Feel free to send him this thread so he can weigh in for everyone to see.
I'm running into a few issues myself, though generally am getting good results.

For example, I have a client in Chicago, when I search for 'criminal defense attorney' at their location with this tool it displays the wrong zip code.

Here's the interesting part. I also have a computer set up in their office that I can control remotely. When I search from that computer (not using this tool) Google also displays the wrong zip code. So searching directly from their office, connected to their wifi etc. Google still isn't completely accurate.

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