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Jun 28, 2012
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While this post is not specifically geared to the LOCAL Knowledge Graph, much of it applies and it has some great information.

Patrick Coombe, CEO & Founder of <a href="">Elite Strategies</a> did the post over at SERPWoo. They've been putting out some really good blog posts lately so you should head over and subscribe too!

<a href="">Getting Into The Knowledge Graph - 101 | SERPWoo SERP Rank Tracker</a>

If you are ready to take your brand to the next level in the SERPs, obtaining a qualified Knowledge Graph for your brand name is the next logical step. This is no easy task. Like any kind of SERP movement, changes sometimes take days, weeks or even months to happen depending on the authority of your branded keywords.

Google has been experimenting with various features of the Knowledge Graph for the past few years now. Just remember, as recently as 3 years ago there was no Knowledge Graph whatsoever. Google is still in the experimental phase of things. For instance a few months ago Google decided to start adding social network icons in certain SERPs. In the beginning they only gave it to musicians and a-listers, but now the floodgates have been opened to everyone. New features come and go almost on a daily basis.

So again, while not all about local, I'm sure all of you at times have non-pinned results you are optimizing that you'd like to get the Knowledge Graph for. So hopefully this was helpful.

I really like what Patrick said in closing:

"If you are an SEO consultant, I would advise you to familiarize yourself with this knowledge so that you can pass on value to your clientele. I've personally started offering Knowledge Graph Optimization as a service. The "SE" in "SEO" means much more today than just 10 results. As an SEO you must be able to maintain control over all aspects of the search results, not just the placement of the organic listings. This includes the results, knowledge graph, answer boxes, featured snippets and everything in-between."

So true! SEO today is so diversified. When you add all the various elements of local to the mix it can be a little overwhelming.

How much do you guys focus on the Knowledge Graph???

I bet more and more your clients have questions about how they display there...
OR concerns about why they don't, right???
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