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Feb 26, 2019
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Hello, I have a Jeweler who for some reason still doesn't have the ability to create Products (not product posts). THey have another location set up the same way that does have this option, so I know it's not a category issue. Anyone know how to get this to show up?
There are some older listings that have this bug. I have not heard any news about when it will be resolved.
I have heard that a workaround for this would be to unverify and then re verify the listing. Of course there's a pretty heavy pros vs cons analysis that would go into that.
Hi Colan,

I've researched this issue for my client and can't seem to find an answer. Do you know if Products are only limited to certain categories?

My client's competitor has a different primary category set than does my client (and it's more precise for their product offerings, so I'm going to propose that my client set this as their primary, too). I'm wondering if this change would enable Products for my client, or if I'd have to do the unverify/reverify fix.

Just wanted to see if you had any insight. Thanks!
I'd be interested to hear about how to get the Products tab added. This client has an oldish GMB and is an online store with a shop front too. So they should have the option. Anyone know of when it will be fixed? Or how I can alert Google?
I thought I'd update the response I got from GMB in case it helps others:

I understand that you wish to add your product list to your business page and this is why you seek help from the GMB Support. No worries I'm here to help.

Caroline, for technical reasons Product Editor is not available for certain older accounts and categories like a lighting store. We plan to resolve this soon, however, this might take up some time for our teams to add it as an option.

As an alternate, you may use the feature called Google Posts. This feature will help you make special announcements, publish your events, products, and services directly to users across Google Search and Maps from the listing. By creating posts, you can place your timely content in front of customers when they find your business listing on Google.
Thanks for sharing. :)

I don't even have the option to create product posts. My listing is 4 years old and I use tire shop main category. I had access to Products (beta) in October or November for probably 2 weeks and access gone. I wonder how long I will have to wait for it.
Anyone get any further updates on this? I still don't have it for the business in question. Imagine any efforts to resolve here have been put on the backburner....
I have a client in the same boat. I check it once a month.

I think this bug will sit on the Google backburner for a long while.

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