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Sep 3, 2014
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It's long been my understanding that having satisfied customers enter reviews while they were physically at the client's office was a no-no that could trigger quality guidelines and get the review(s) filtered out.

But I have a client who is working with one of the review automation companies out there, a Get 5 Stars competitor, who is telling them that this is no longer the case. The reason being that there are all kinds of legitimate reasons a customer might leave a review while still at someone's location, which makes some sense.

Re: getting reviews from a client's actual location

Are we talking about someone leaving a review from their own smart phone while physically at the location? I've never heard of that being a problem, and I'd even go so far as saying it'd be very much encouraged. I've recently noticed Big Brother Google's been asking me to review places I'm 5 minutes away from just having visited. Why yes Google, I did just get mini donuts, thank you for noticing.

The thing that was (and is still) heavily discouraged, is having more than one review coming through the same device. The client can't have an ipad setup in the lobby and have customers leave reviews, even if they're each logging into their own Google account to do it. If the client's going to encourage reviews though, I'm not aware of there being a problem with customers doing it at the location vs waiting until they get home. In cases like that, even with cases where it'd make sense to be getting two reviews from the same device (a bride and groom for example that you just did wedding work for) you'll still likely find those reviews getting filtered if they do them from the same laptop or phone.
Re: getting reviews from a client's actual location

Just to add to James' comments - I believe it is not so much the same device, though that definitely comes into it, but the use of the same IP.

So if you offer wi-fi and customers log into that before they leave a review, then it is likely that those reviews will all be filtered as well.

and now I'm keen for mini donuts thanks James :)
Re: getting reviews from a client's actual location

100% agree with Priya. Same IP address is the main culprit for filtered reviews.
Re: getting reviews from a client's actual location

Yes I agree with Colan and Priya.

Plus Google can tell where the customer is when writing the review.

One of the concerns is: The cell phone sales guy could be saying: "Write a review now while you are here and I'll give you a free charger." He stands there watching/waiting as they write the review and show him it's posted.

1) Incentivized review

2) More important (as far as writing from the biz location) is the fact Google does not know if the biz owner or rep is standing right there, which would make the customer feel pressured to write the review AND would more likely result in a biased positive review.
Re: getting reviews from a client's actual location

That's an interesting point Linda. I've definitely seen reviews get filtered by being on the same IP (that's a great point about the wifi Priya, that didn't even occur to me) but now I wonder if Google does pay attention to reviews coming in when someone's physically on location. I'd assume no, but maybe that's something that should actually be investigated.

For what it's worth, I've at least never heard of reviews being filtered from independent, 3G devices just because they all came from the same GPS coordinates.
Re: getting reviews from a client's actual location

Yes sorry I was not saying it's a fact that they'll filter from the location even if different IPs.

Just saying G usually knows where we are at at any given time on mobile. And knowing how she thinks, would not surprise me if she could tell reviews were coming from on location. She maybe would not filter the occasional review - but if you got a lot from the location - she'd suspect something was up. (assumption)

I remember a car dealer that had all their reviews filtered and they were asking people to review on their cells at the dealership. But I don't know if all the customers were using the dealer WIFI or not.
Re: getting reviews from a client's actual location

Interesting, thanks for sharing that anecdote Linda. Maybe it would be a good idea to just play it safe and have the request for a review sent out a little later.
Re: getting reviews from a client's actual location

Thanks everyone!

I figured that was still the case but needed to know. The endless possible variations of incentivized onsite reviews makes sense as a quality indicator.

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