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Ah, that explains it. Didn't know there was such a critter - learn something new every day! Thx Linda :)
That's a great find Linda, thanks for sharing it. Have tested it with your example and it worked just fine. Then chose a random client of mine and it's thrown up a dupe!! It's an unverified Places listing, so usually I'd hop into MapMaker and mark it as a duplicate, but no joy over there at the moment :(
I have always used this tool. Like you said in the comments, it is excellent for First pass. New client comes in, prospecting and competitive research I can quickly see all pages.

It relies on the API so it will not show the closed listings.

Haven't had any issues with this tool and it is quick and super easy to use for the more frequent tasks. It not a swiss knife that solves everything.

Thanks for weighing in Michael!

FYI a good discussion started at the Local Search Pros Community too.

So far everyone there is happy with the results and really likes it!
Did Joy do her 2nd post on hunting dupes in Mapmaker via address yet?
I was supposed to do it this week but got completely slammed. I am really hoping my plane has WiFi so I can write it on my way to SMX on Monday!
Thanks Joy. Watched it while the forum was down.

Those steps are the ones I primarily take to look for spam and virtual offices. But they help too for dupe hunting, if the business has another listing with a different # at that same address.
Hey all,

Michael and I emailed over weekend. He added link to Map Maker as we requested.
Don't even have time to check it, but he said it's there.

I made one other suggestion that if he can implement will make life easier too.
Will keep you posted.

<a href="">One more Nail in the Coffin for Google Local Dupe Research - Michael Cottams Tool</a>

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