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Feb 22, 2019
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If you mistakenly mark a duplicate listing as "Place Doesn't Exist", can you really not recover that listing after Google approves the suggestion and gets rid of the listing?

I was trying to help a family member's local CPA firm with their online presence. They unknowingly had multiple GMB duplicates and the one that was showing up on Google was not the one that they claimed years back and recently started to optimize.

After marking the one showing up on Google as a Duplicate with the one they manage to try and merge them countless times, Google's algorithm somehow kept changing the GMB business name to one of the partners name. Which made no sense.

After back and forth with GMB's support, there was a miscommunication that since the listing showing up had this new (wrong) name that their algo spit out, I should mark it as Place as Doesn't Exist since that name they gave it was not a real one.

Well...that got rid of that listing but it also got rid of the ranking juice in it. There was no reviews or detailed info filled in but still had the views history, etc. Now, the one they manage shows up on Google but has lost some ranking power as this was not showing up on Google previously. Was told it would take a month or so to recover by GMB support person.

Please confirm either way if you really cannot recover a deleted listing due to "Place Doesn't Exist" suggestion. Thanks a bunch.
Hey Marcus,

So it sounds like the listing you guys manage didn't lose any ranking juice, it's just that the old one not managed had the most juice and was the most prominent.

Are you sure that listing is gone? Have you reached out to Twitter support about it?
Hey Marcus,

It's possible for them to revive it if they can locate it. Do you have the link to it in your edit history on Google Maps?

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