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Nov 22, 2018
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Hi All,
I understand this is a relatively new feature & I have a new client (a Plumber) who appears to have it.
I can't work out why none of his competitors do though - could it be because his profile is well optimised? I can't think of any other explanation?

Also, because I don't want these leads to go astray, which user (role) receives them? If I'm managing a GMB Profile for my client I would prefer them only to receive notifications of reviews & new enquiries ("get a quote") and have me take care of the rest.

Am I correct that a Communications Manager can respond to reviews but doesn't get notification of reviews?

I just tested the "Get a Quote" function with my client and I had to give him full Management access to receive the enquiry - now he will get everything I do in his inbox as well?

Understand this appears to be new so perhaps a teething issue?

Thanks in advance.
Hey Vicky,

The Get a Quote button should appear if you have Google My Business Messaging enabled. If you're not seeing it on competitors, it's likely they haven't set up Messaging.

The Communications Manager role is going away and is being replaced by a role called Site Manager. Google hasn't really put much in the Help Center yet about this role but I'm assuming it would get review notifications & be able to reply to Messaging based on the other abilities it has.
Thanks so much for your prompt response, Joy. Great that Google is updating the Comms role.

I tested the messaging function on another client's profile and the message came through to the Primary Owner (ME) as a text. Instead of "Get a Quote" the prompt is just "send me a message". It doesn't ask me to leave an email address.

The "Get a Quote" capture screen asks for both an email address AND a phone number but the email is mandatory (*asterisked) and appears to override the phone no. I can't get it to arrive as an SMS to the client's phone (any phone). Screeshot attached. Do you think it's a glitch?

Apologies if I'm posting this in the wrong place. Probably I should be directing this to
google...If you have any insights I'd be glad to know before I head over there. Thanks in advance.
Hi Vicky,
The listing likely has the GMB website enabled and its call to action is "Get Quote". This can also cause the "Get a Quote" button to appear on a GMB listing (on mobile). When the GMB website is the source, that contact form is what appears when someone taps on the "Get a Quote" button.

The submissions are emailed to the listing owner an the subject will be "You have a new customer from Google!". The submissions should also get sent to managers but I don't have a lot of confidence in it. And I do not know if communication managers/site managers are supposed to receive the notifications.

You can change the call to action on the GMB website to something else and the "Get a Quote" button and form will eventually go away from the listing but it may take a long time... like many weeks.
So @TomW hypothetically could you set up a GMB website just to get this functionality and then just disconnect it from your listing?
Just creating the GMB website and setting its call to action as "Get Quote" can potentially do it. And the GMB website doesn't need to be used as the url on the GMB listing. Edit: I will say this though, it seems more likely to show if it is using the GMB website as the url on the listing.

This is not a quick on/off feature. In my testing it takes a long time for the button to actually show up on the listing. And it takes a long time for it to go away if you disable it... so proceed with caution.

Also - messaging will take priority over the contact form. So if 'Get Quote" is the call to action on the GMB website and you also have messaging enabled, the "Get A Quote" button on the listing should trigger the messaging feature.
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