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Sep 9, 2018
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Please look at the screenshot. Why would GMB insight show my client business for these irrelevant search terms? Doesn't make any sense. The business is in video production and Internet marketing niche.
Screenshot_2018-10-21 https business google com.png
People around your client's business could be performing those searches.
Out of curiosity what are all of the categories you have for this location?
Here's an interesting one from our Sterling Sky insights.

We created a resource called the Local SEO Black Belt Quiz so it seems that the mention of BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) is getting picked up somewhere along the line.

I noticed Starbucks & Coffee both showing up as search terms for Sterling Sky but then realized it makes sense (somewhat) because I've written blog articles and included both terms in my articles as examples. Do a "keyword" search on Google and see if that term shows up anywhere on your site and let us know if it does.
I would love to see more examples for an article I am writing. Also, a comparison of terms that show there were many queries shown and if that keyword shows any data in GSC or GA.
Even though those terms, unrelated to the business, mentioned in the website once or twice, I can not accept why Google will show my client business for those completely irrelevant queries? Then I must say there is an issue with the Google local SERPs.
While I'm glad that GMB has started providing keyword data, my favorite source is still GSC.

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