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Jan 5, 2016
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Good morning,

In reviewing some of our clients GMB insights, it seems that either my small sample of the clients I reviewed are having one-off issues, or GMB insights is really acting up today..

Let me expand - I review these insights regularly so I know that these clients have had traffic and activities reported in the recent past. Today when I logged in I've seen the traffic that was showing for the same period now being reported as 0 or minimal traffic?

Popular Restaurant

Prominent Lawyer

Any thoughts? I know this happens time to time, but seems to be more than a few clients. Thanks!


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Thanks for reporting Meghan!

Usually when those stats go awry it's across the board or a large % because we usually have lots of members reporting.

So let's see what others have to say.

Anyone else seeing semi blank stats?
You know what Mike always says. Take 2 beers and check in a couple days. :)
Thanks for reporting back Meghan!

Yes, I just saw Tim Capper said yesterday they were aware and working on it.
Then the person he was helping today said stats are back in sync.

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