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Feb 25, 2014
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Hi guys,

Checking to see if anyone has a better method on getting a business back on the GMB maps.

The client purchased the business about 2 months ago. We've already gone through the "request access" and waited now 10 days, but there's been no email from Google saying Denied, and no option to "claim this business".

The previous owner was with HiBu, and cancelled services with them. Could it be possible that they're holding it and the business can't transfer ownership?

We've gone through the creation of a new listing (as that's how google has it) and it says "Duplciate listing" and then waited on the transfer ownership end of things.

Does anyone have any other methods to try and claim the business? We don't know who owned it previously (possibly HiBu, but unknown). We have scans of utility bills, phone numbers working, staffed location - but no listing, so now Knowledge panel either. Phones have started to slowly stop ringing.

Anyone have any thoughts on where to turn for this client?

Conor - what support team are you talking to? Twitter, email, chat, phone?
Hi Joy,

We had filled out the email via the help section, but as of yet, haven't received any responses. This was done via the owners gmail account.

Earlier today we put in another help request for teh verification to see if we can get Video verification on that, but the owner will not be at the office until tomorrow, so waiting to see what happens there.
Just an update,
We submitted the request for a Video Verification, submitted 8 pictures, 3 utility bills and more details.
Once submitted, we received an automated response saying that we hadn't gone through the steps to request Post Card verification and to please click that link, however that link doesn't exist. The only thing that exists is "Duplicate Listing" and "Request Access".

When we click Reqeust Access, it just reloads the page (maybe it's sending the request out), but as of yet, there's been no verification email in Google and no rejections to the request either.
I would ask support if you could create a new listing then. I would do that, verify it and then hopefully they can merge them and unverify the other owner.
Been a while since an update on here, and yes, the issues are still existing :(

So, the latest;
The 7 day "wait" period has been performed 3 times.
Speaking via phone to Google Reps has been done 2 times
Today, on a call, they informed him that they will not verify his location due to signage.

Essentially, the person said that his sign on his building does not look professional and that he should hire a professional to make the sign. As a result, they will not approve his GMB listing request for access to PROVE that he owns the business.

So, let me get this straight, some random guy (my client) decided to spend a few grand on signage, wrap several vehicles, generate logo shirts, perform a video walkthrough of the office, and he did all of that just to screw over the listings in Google? That seriously makes no sense right?

Here's the street view - Google Maps

Now granted, it's not an awesome looking sign, but it's also been there for several years (10+).

So, any thoughts on next steps? The person at Google today that talked to the owner said there was nothing she could do and that he needed to get a professional sign. He asked for things to be escallated and she said that someone would be in contact, but there's nothing they could help with either.

Frustrated beyond belief.
Wow... Google really has been digging in their heels lately!

I really don't have much advice on what to do next... maybe add the logo that matches the sign in street view to the landing page of the website that's linked to the GBL, Yelp, Facebook, and anywhere else you can think of? And maybe a photo of the exterior of the business as well... Then call Google again and refuse to leave the call until you get a manager on the line... it took about an hour, but I've done it before.

That's crazy!

What happens when you click the confirmation email you get when you first request ownership? There should be a link in it to check the status... what exactly does it say after you click it?

Hey Conor,

Are you willing to share more details about this business? It is starting to sound like it might be a business model that might not be eligible for a listing on GMB.
Update: SUCCESS!!!!!!

Someone, somewhere, sometime decided to release things and the "claim this business" link showed up. The customer claimed it, it said you must wait 3 days for verification or something similar, and now he does 100% have access to the account.

What a nightmare - we're not talking days or weeks, this has been MONTHS in the works!

The business is a Pest Control company that services Residential & Commerical, but they also have a physical office which is staffed and some of their clients do come in to pick up product (those clients are mainly people that maintain appartment complexes etc).

So, finally, everything is resolved.

(of course, the client informed me yesterday that they're looking to MOVE locations as they are purchasing a new building.... at least he has access to GMB and hopefully no other nightmare raises it's head).

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