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Aug 18, 2021
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Hello all,

Across multiple business, concerning both invitations sent to and from our accounts, said invitations aren't showing up. Especially to non gmail addresses registered as Google accounts. At first we were inviting a client to share ownership and sent an invitation to own the listing. They still hadn't received it after a long weekend. We tried an alternate email, a gmail address, and it was received almost instantly. And yes, we checked all spam/promotions/social folders. I put in a ticket and google told me to wait 48 hours and clear my cookies and cache and try again, still no success. They kept asking that I send a screenshot of the error message, but there is no error message. The invitations appear sent but never arrive. Fast forward a bit, now the same thing is happening form the other side. A client's former vendor is turning over ownership of 11 locations. We received 4 invitations so we know they are coming to the correct address. We gave them a second company domain email to use. We received one additional invitation. So there are 6 in limbo somewhere. It should be noted that we are still appearing to receive incoming requests for access just fine.
I haven't heard any other reports about people experiencing this but I'll keep my eyes open for it and let you know if I do.
We've had a similar issue over the last couple months. We're in-house enterprise and own thousands of listings and regularly get access requests from franchisees. Recently we noticed that many more of our profiles/listings were being marked as duplicates than usual though we never received access requests for those listings. Losing access to one or two a month for us is pretty normal, but it was becoming that daily. We realized that at some point we had stopped receiving access requests and so were unable to grant/reject, allowing the requestor to claim the listing due to us being unresponsive. After a few GMB support back and forths and an escalation to a Google rep we have, a few days ago we magically started receiving these requests again though didn't receive official confirmation of anything being broken or fixed, so maybe just a coincidence :)

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