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Dec 13, 2016
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Hello there! I'm having a major issue with one of my clients- they have 55 locations and had uploaded photos to all the locations and even 360 tours to a many of them as well. When doing an audit on 12/9 I noticed that there were about 5 listings that didn't have photos. When we got back to the office today, even more didn't have photos including ones I saw on Friday that definitely did.

Google support took a look and noticed that the photos still appear to be live on the Maps listings despite not being in the dashboard. But the photos also seemed to have disappeared from Google+. They were not removed by Google and as a matter of fact, Google says it looks like there were never photos in the account at all (despite the Maps listing actually showing that the account added the photos months if not years ago).

I'm mostly wondering if anyone else has had this happen recently and if you were able to get to the bottom of it? The working theory right now is that the updates to Google+ deleted them but my client also started using a 3rd party citation management company and unknowingly used the GMB photo URLs to feed to the citation service as photos for the listings, potentially creating a loop that broke?

Here's the company information if you want to take a look:

Lockaway Self Storage

Here are a couple of locations we've noticed having this issue:
5842 Babcock Rd
San Antonio, TX 78240<wbr style="box-sizing: inherit;">n

17402 O'Connor Rd
San Antonio, TX 78247

This didn't get any responses but I wanted to update everyone just in case someone comes across this with a similar issue: it turns out our 3rd party citation manager accidentally wiped photos from the accounts. They were able to put them back in all the accounts but it was hard for me to track down because my client was confused about how the 3rd party worked. It's hard to control for issues like this when clients are excited about new tools but not totally informed about how they work.
Thanks everyone!
Thanks for updating us Lilly and sorry no one was able to reply before.

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