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Oct 23, 2017
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Hey guys,

I'm curious how you all format your UTM codes for GMB posts. This is something I'm trying to get better at doing for Posts specifically.

The main issue I have is figuring out what to name the campaign for multi-location businesses.

E.g.- utm_source=google&utm_medium=local&utm_campaign=gmb_post_(location)_(mmddyy)

Open to suggestions.
The parameter format I use is:

Kinda like the idea of date, will think that over. Thanks for sharing.

Looking forward to other people's ideas :)
The way I do it it utm_medium=local&utm_campaign=posts&utm_source=GoogleMaps&utm_content=Posts&utm_term=(mmddyy_topic)

In theory, you could add location into utm_term.

Hi Margaret,

Make sure that you're updating your channel groupings in Google Analytics if you're planning on using parameters not listed in Google's default channel definitions. I believe the way it stands now, your links would be classified under the channel grouping "Other"

Here's a link to Default channel definitions:

Default channel definitions - Analytics Help
I have been using GMB for channel/medium, source and campaign for the URL that is listed in info.

For post, I change the campaign to post.
For event, i change the campaign to event

What an eye opener for one client... all their traffic comes in from GMB!
This is how I tag the urls for the links in the GMB listing that would accommodate multi location businesses (article here UTM Examples for Better Google My Business (GMB) Tracking)

So working off of that, a post could be

I know that not using 'source=google' will split that data in Analytics by default, but I tend to look at that separately anyway. I usually check with Search Console so it's easy to filter by -url contains- "medium=Location" to be able to group all location data at once.
This is what I have been using:


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