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Jun 3, 2020
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Has anyone had luck with removing a suspension from a GMB profile for an Apartment building?

Our listing was suspended about a month ago without a given reason. I know vacant apartments are ineligible businesses, but why would would they even have apartment building/complex as categories?

Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 2.49.15 PM.jpg

I've requested reinstatement twice after making changes to the GMB profile and website to make them less salesy (I'll admit the website is still pretty salesy: Home | New Apartments in Edmonton, AB | Southpark On Whyte but we have had other complexes with GMB profiles without a problem.) but I still get the same cookie-cutter answer from Google:

Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 2.56.53 PM.jpg
It does--we had originally included the unit number of the sales office on the GMB profile and website, but that was also rejected. I'm wondering if I need to explicitly put in the GMB name "Sales Office"?
Hi Lincoln,

We have the same issue with a client who was a hotel plus an apartment complex. They are located in different addresses... but they share the same website and phone. We couldn´t improve the current suspension. We have already changed its category from apartment building to hotel to see if we can move on. If we get something I will let you know.

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