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Jul 23, 2013
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Hey Guys, I was just checking out a Google+ page for one of our clients and it appears that the +1 button is nowhere to be found. At first, I thought it might have been because I'm the manager of the page, but after trying different browsers and even having someone at another computer attempt this, I've confirmed it's nowhere to be found.

After troubleshooting a little bit, I found that some businesses have the +1 button and some don't. Anyone else notice this? Is there certain types of pages that have the +1 and ones that don't? Is it possible that the the "Follow" button is replacing +1s?

Thanks in advance for your help on this.
Have not looked closely or thought too much about this, but I just checked and saw same thing on other listings.

Verified listing has a big red follow button. Unverifed listing just has a +1 instead of red follow. And come to think of it I never see or notice the +1 on a page like that, only on posts.

So I'm thinking, I'm usually looking at verified listings and they have follow buttons not +1 buttons.

My assumption is if it's verified you see the Follow button, Google is trying to get followers to the page. Because if it's verified and there are posts, the +1 is on each post.

BUT if it's unverified Google does not want to attract Followers to a dead unmanaged page, BUT they will let you +1 it if you like the page. Does that make sense??? (I'm totally just guessing and again have not noticed it before.)
Hey Linda, I think your dead on with this assumption. I was able to get in touch with support and they basically said the same thing.

According to Google support, if you verify a business on Google Places, its not going to have that button. These pages are auto created based on places presence.

Unverified listings will have that feature. The layout and functionality of these two pages are completely different.

Following a verified business is very similar to +1ing. More followers = more exposure - which is the same thing that happens when you +1 a page.

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