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Jun 28, 2012
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Google Asks SEOs: How Do You Detect Duplicate Content Issues
by Barry Schwartz, Search Engine Roundtable
August 10, 2015

John Mueller from Google posted on Google+ asking, how do webmasters and SEOs find duplicate content issues.

I'm curious -- there are lots of suggestions on what to do afterwards, but how do you notice that a site has a "duplicate content problem"?(leaving aside whether or not these are critical, etc -- I'd just like to find out more about how people stumble across / recognize these issues.)

To me, that shows a sign that Google is looking to add something to the Google Search Console to help webmasters proactively identify and then resolve duplicate content issues. Of course, the Google Search Console already has the HTML Improvements area that shows some of this.

But Google wants to know about other ways SEOs and Webmasters find these issues.

Same here Joshua. Also siteliner. I'd love to hear if other pros have used grammarly

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Jennifer Slegg AKA Jenstar just recommended Grammarly to me yesterday for proofing to catch some of Dragons mistakes. But I didn't know it did plagiarism checking either.

Thanks David!

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