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Dec 4, 2023
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So I'm going through the GBP help forum and seeing all of these businesses having a miserable time with verification.

I figured I'd experience the same issues as everyone else in setting up my GBP.

But no - my GBP was instantly verified. No photos, no cards in the mail, no video, no business license requirement. Apparently because of my website in my search console.

My outdated, minimalist, website that has no indication on it of my address or location or nothing. Just a very brief explanation of what I do.

I have had the site in the search console for 20+ years.

I also applied through my regular Google account where I've used AdSense, AdWords (yeh, long time ago), and have been a Product Expert for 10+ years.

Which makes me wonder... what's behind the instant website verification?

Is it just how long a site has been in it and that it includes my business name? I don't get a lot of traffic, so that doesn't seem to be a factor. If it's just a time factor, I wonder how long?

Or is it that my Google account is 'trusted' due to being a PE and using various Google services over the years?

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Never heard about this and its quite interesting. Was the verification the first one you ever tried on your computer with your real IP?
Having a GBP that is associated with a verified search console website is a well-known way to make verification easier. This is noted in both the guides by Whitespark ("For some select businesses there is the option to verify instantly via Search Console.") and Brightlocal ("In some cases, Google will allow instant verification. This may happen if your business is already verified in Google Search Console. ")
I read those articles, basically they say it's possible but no other details.

I'm wondering what the factors are? Just that the site is verified and the verified owner of the site is the one setting up the GBP? The name of the site? How long it's been in search console.

It would be great if we could predict when verification through search console would happen, or could set the right scenario for it to happen before applying for a GBP.

It was a seamless and smooth way to get verified.
I concur. I'm equally curious now because I work for an agency and have clients across the USA. I just had a GBP get instantly verified last week. It's a wild adrenaline rush when it happens.
This is a really interesting topic and I wonder what Google means with "if you verify your matching website." In our case, due to IT security, URLs don't match email domains, don't match exactly the Google Business Profile names, so I'm not sure if I'm overthinking that, or what they could mean. Any insight would be helpful, though. I'm really looking for a method of managing 100+ listings in some manner that works better for creating new listings and editing existing listings. If anyone has any clues, please share. Thank you. Gabor
URLs don't match email domains

In my case when I set my profile up, it was under my gmail email, so they didn't relate my email address to the domain, if that makes sense. My domain is set up in search console under the same Google account,

Hello Chris,

After your GBP "bypassed" the verification due to your domain in Google Search Console, was your GBP finally verified after the "Pending" status?

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