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Mar 20, 2015
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Is Google no longer displaying a business google+ page in the search results? All I see is the sidebar content with a snippet of the company business reviews and images.


When I am logged into the Google My Business account and click on 'view location', it doesnt even show the entire page any more, it just shows the SERP results page for that location.

If this is the case, is there any reason to post content to the Google+ page? I cant even find the content I just posted via Hootsuite!

Thanks in advance.

If you did want to have your social profiles show up in your knowledge graph, you can always specify with Schema which ones you want to show, like this: As long as you're schema's set up right, they should start showing there.

It's been like nine months since Google+ posts have been a part of the local business knowledge panel though. As Colan said, Google+ isn't good for much when it comes to local business anymore, and I think what you were looking for was stripped out last July.

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