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Feb 22, 2021
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We have a client who is running two businesses, a helicopter tour agency, and a helicopter flight school, from two different business locations/addresses. Now, he wants to open a third business for his helicopter charter service, but he wants to use one of the two addresses, either the one he used for the tour agency or the other one he used for flight school, to create a new Google Business Profile. The business name and phone number for the third new business will be different and brand new.

Does this fall within Google guidelines? Will Google allow it considering the primary categories, and will the business not be filtered in the local packs?
Helicopter charter service is just another service he will provide with helicopters, one could argue that there is not much difference between a helicopter tour agency and a helicopter charter service. So you could use the same profile to promote both services. Also, is the staff different? different entrance? different business signage?
Besides what Professor M has written, it is also very important to use two different categories for the businesses that are located on the same address. On top of that, different phone numbers and websites. Otherwise they will just keep getting marked as duplicates.

If you'd manage to verify the profile and avoid it getting marked as duplicate, you could apply for "Department" set-up with Google Support. Although I'm not sure how it affects the local packs.
I have only seen one case where this type of arrangement worked without issues. I have seen several cases where this caused problems with verification, filtering and in the end multiple suspensions. To me it is not worth the increased risk.

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