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Aug 2, 2021
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So I am running into an issue with Google Support right now that I have not experienced before. I am trying to verify a business location and the only method I am given is via the phone verification option. This doesn't;t work for me, as the phone number is setup in a call tree, so the automated code never reaches me. I have contacted Google support to add the video verification option to the listing, but I am told that the verification options are automatic and Google can not change them. In the past, however, Google has added the video verification for me, whenever I have run into this issue with phone verification in the past. Here is a link to a screenshot of Google support's response to my inquiry. 2023-05-24_10-45-17 Any ideas as to next steps? Maybe support is correct here, but I really don't think I am getting the right answer. As it stands, I won;t be able to get a Google Business Page Profile.

I am also having the hardest time verifying a location on my end.
I've sent images, the domain based email of the owner has authorized me to manage, opened support tickets and gotten nowhere! We tried the video call but it immediately disconnected and now the location is marked duplicate in my account.
Its been round and round since MARCH 27th!
Super frustrated!
Google support is an oxymoron. If you can supply me with photos showing permanent signage, I can help you get verified.

I work for an agency and my client is two states away. I am unable to do a live video. I can supply permanent signage. Can you please help?

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