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Jul 19, 2012
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Has anyone ever seen this before? I searched for the company I work for (Powered By Search) and the business name listed in the knowledge graph was displaying as "Work (Powered By Search)" It only shows up that way when I am logged into my Google account that lists Powered By Search as my employer on my G+ page. So I assume that is the connection.

Does this happen for anyone else?

powered by search   Google Search.jpg

powered by search   Google Search.jpg
I've seen it show "Home" so I think "Work" makes sense.

In my case my Knowledge Graph should say "Home Work". LOL :p

But how does Google make that connection?
I assume it's on your G+ profile? (Didn't have time to ck)
Yes, it's linked to in my G+ profile. That must be it.
Interesting thing to notice Colan, Google's really getting good at tying all the threads together. Insane to think what all this will look like in 10 years.

On a fairly unrelated side-note, I noticed a few listings last month that had a different name displaying on the knowledge panel than was set in the GMB profile. You could even hit 'suggest edit' and it'd show the 'real' name, but the name publicly displaying was an incorrect variation. I wonder if this is all part of Google playing more fast and loose with the publicly displayed name in general?
You only see this when you're signed in, and you'd be the only one to see it that way. It's due to you setting your work location on the Google Maps app.

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