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Jun 28, 2012
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Google Chrome vs Firefox Quantum on Windows 10
by Arun Kumar,
November 29, 2018

  1. Google Chrome is considered a resource hog compared to Mozilla Firefox; we’ll look into it in the next section below
  2. Mozilla Firefox is an open source software browser while Google Chrome uses different tricks to provide users with a faster browsing experience
  3. Folks say the speed of Chrome is better than Firefox as such, but Firefox Quantum has improved a lot
  4. Firefox’s interface design makes using it slightly better to end users
  5. Google Chrome, on Windows 10, can cast the whole screen or one of the open tabs to different screens; the feature is not available in Firefox by default
  6. There is no READ view in Google Chrome; Extensions are available, but users will have to search different extensions and experiment to see what suits them.
Chrome vs Firefox: Usage of System Resources
Google Chrome has been guilty of using more memory, disk space, and processor time compared to Mozilla Firefox. You can test this on your own by opening same windows, same tabs in each browser and then opening Task Manager in Windows 10. ... You’ll find Google Chrome taking up more DISK SPACE and PROCESSOR while Firefox comes higher in the usage of RAM. ....

The above analysis tends to convey that both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are good in their way. Chrome is suspected to use some tricks to speed up browsing. Firefox code is easily available, so users know there are no such tricks in Mozilla Firefox. ....

There is little difference among resource consumption and speed when comparing Google Chrome with Mozilla Firefox on Windows 10. Things have improved a lot with Firefox Quantum. Chrome however appears to have become sluggish at times.

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