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Interesting! Thanks for sharing Daniel. I've not heard of anyone using it yet. Would love to see what it looks like.
I tried it out yesterday. The highlighter is pretty cool and it was very easy to use. However, I didn't really know what the data that I was marking up would be used for or what to expect after marking it up.
Thanks Eric! Let us know if anything new shows up in search.

I did a little research last night and need to do a little more this AM then will share some links, more details and image of what it looks like. Working on a post now.
Thanks Eric, I was going to post that article too.

Here is additional info and references about the Data Highlighter for local.

1st of all, here is what it looks like for events which is the only type that was supported until just recently.

Data Highlighter for Events


Here are help docs for the LOCAL Data Highlighter: Data Highlighter - Local Businesses - Help

Here is general info about how it works: About Data Highlighter - Webmaster Tools Help

Here is the Markup Helper Tool that actually marks up the data for you.

In addition to the link Eric posted, here's a new article just posted at SearchEngineLand: Google?s Data Highlighter Now Supports Movies, TV, Articles, Products, Local Biz & Apps

Since this is so new, I've not seen anything that looks like Data Highlighter markup showing up in the SERPs yet for local. BUT I did see something new and VERY interesting that "could' be. Not sure. Doing a separate post about that and then will circle back and add link here.

What do you guys think? Could be an exciting new way to make clients stand out that most competitors won't know about yet?

Hi Linda!

I was wondering if you have heard anymore about Google's Data Highlighter since May? I know there has been a lot of talk about how we should be using schema over hcard now for marking up our sites. I am curious to where Google's Data Highlighter comes into play with this?

Thanks for your help!
Sorry Rachel, have not looked into it any more and have not seen any posts about it since then.

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