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Jul 7, 2020
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I was doing some research for a client (job recruiter) who has recently lost a lot of traction for their local rankings and thus, interaction with their Google My Business.

While their have been large scale changes to their site that could impact ranking, I have been cross checking to see if the keywords we want to rank for are showing their GMB. I began to notice that for most of these keyword searches, rich snippets for job boards would show up instead of a map pack. While we do have plans to work on the schema for their site, it isn't something we have yet nailed down, therefore, we're losing on a lot of these searches.

Can anyone confirm that Google is favoring this approach/concur that they have noticed the same?

Thanks - Google does handle jobs differently. The mark-up on the web page is important. They also show up differently in SERP and have a more robust search feature. They call it a 'special user experience in google search results'.

Shows up differently than the map pack - Then the users has more option to narrow down jobs - location/date posted/company type/employer.


Looks like marking up your page is VERY important. While I haven't worked with a recruiter site looks like using API would be a quicker way to submit new jobs to show - that's after other tech factors are dialed. Might be good to look into third party software for this as onpage can take time.

This might help - Add structured data to job postings | Google Search Central

Looks like google really wants to control the experience, I would bend to what they approve of.

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