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Sep 26, 2018
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Good morning,

For a new brand, is anyone aware of specific strategies that can help expedite the process of generating a non-local Knowledge Panel in search? (Here's Mello Yello as an example).

So far, I am aware of these strategies:

- Optimizing Google brand account (does this matter / exist post G+?)
- Offsite authority / mentions (Wikipedia, etc.)
- Practicing good SEO
- General brand awareness tactics

If anyone has any thoughts / resources that may be a bit more specific, that would be excellent. Thanks in advance!
@Cory Agular, those are pretty broad buckets, so pretty much anything one can suggest will fall into at least one. Anyway, I'd say having an entity mentioned on a non-Wikipedia "database" site that's relevant to the industry or landmark or whatever the entity is. An example is the one we talk about in this thread: Height listed in GMB profiles? - Local Search Forum

(That happens to get pulled into a local knowledge panel, but sometimes you'll see the same kinds of sources feed non-local KPs, too.)
I have a brand that recently got a knowledge panel. What's crazy is I can claim it with the paid G Suite email belonging to the brand, but it doesn't allow G Suite users to edit it. I have to edit it with a regular @gmail account.

I'm not sure about the strategy, but I can tell you what I've observed before getting one.
- no wikipedia page or backlinks
- citations were done for years
- Google started to auto insert brand behind titles in SERP a few years ago
- This year all main social channels engaged 2-3x per week
- 3 months of weekly coverage and with backlinks from a few major media news outlets

There have been random news mentions in the past, but maybe the recent coverage helped.

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