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Jul 26, 2012
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I have the Google listing for the one of my client. The Google listing is live, but it is not coming in searches :mad: . The listing is owner verified and is 100% completed. Also the listings which are coming in searches are not verified and don't have complete information.
Can anyone guide me the way I should take to get it in searches.:confused:
When did you verify? If this is a new listing it can take about 6 weeks after PIN to show up in rankings.

Also based on the KW, it it's pulling a blended ranking that algo is MAINLY about the organic ranking factors. So if it's a mature Place page then it could be the site that's the problem.

OR there could be a ranking penalty if violations on the Place page.

If you want to post the clients Place page we can investigate and give you some tips.

NOTE: I'm moving this down to the help section since it's asking for help with a specific listing and not just general discussion.
Any comment here??:confused:

Didn't anyone found anything here?? Kindly let me know if any suggestions.
Hi Pankaj,

From my experience, Las Vegas is a pretty tough city to rank for the insurance industry. One thing I noticed that could be hindering this listing is an inconsistent NAP issue.

I didn't dig too deep, but I noticed that there is a listing on LOCALEZE for this business, but it has a different address than what's listed on the G+ Local listing.

Has this business moved locations in the past? If so, you need to update the old listings as best as you can.

Hope this helps :)
Hi Colan,

Thanks for your valuable views.
Yes it is right that the business has changed the location and address. Also I have updated about 90% of the listings for the updated information. Few are left like localeze. I am working on them.
But my concern here is that my business is not even coming in searches. I am looking for the business to be in searches first. If it comes in searches I will be able to get it ranked.

Kindly let me know the process to get the listing in searches.

I do see the listing on the second page for "nationwide insurance las vegas"

I think Linda might have a good point that you need to look at the website optimization itself.

Have you looked into using the website that is already optimized and provided to Nationwide agents?
So sorry I've been swamped and could not circle back to this one. You'll see why I put it off. I usually do a pretty deep dive when I research and it takes time. Several issues.

Colan is right this likely has a lot to do with the site optimization which could use some help. But I think the Place page could possibly have a ranking penalty and here's why.

I searched the exact phrase in the title tag, knowing that should come up fairly high.
(FYI poor title tag IMO too.) So this is basically the only phrase he probably ranks on page 1 for and no one is going to search for this phrase.

"Auto Insurance Services Company Las Vegas"

So he ranks #6 in organic BUT is disconnected so does not rank in blended. (He also has one of those weird new empty map markers instead of being up in the blended with link to G+ page. We still don't know for sure what's up with those new markers.)

But what I DO know is some of the main reasons listings get disconnected from sites in blended. And it's usually either duplicate confusion, NAP inconsistency, or Place page penalty.

In this case a few things are wrong.

DUPE: Nationwide Insurance - About - Google+
Which is a violation and also causing or contributing to the disconnect.

But it's odd because it has owner description and his pic, BUT it's showing as unverified. Did you have this claimed and just recently release it?

DUPE IN MAPMAKER: Google Map Maker I don't have time to dig through and try to understand all the history but recently it had a similar name as your current listing "Frantwan Leblanc Agency - Nationwide Insurance"

And in mapmaker YOUR listing used to have the name of some different agent - Jeff Wilson Agency.

“The Frantwan Le Blanc Insurance Agency Specializes In Auto, Home, Life and Commercial Insurance. At Nationwide We Are On Your Side For All Of Your Insurance Needs. Call Today For A Free Quote!”

Best practice don't repeat business name and don't keep repeating keywords. Insurance is repeated 3 times and all the other category keywords are repeated too. Google also does not like it when every word is capped. So I'd change that too.

"Frantwan Leblanc Insurance Agency" "7595 West Washington Avenue #140" "(702) 236-0367" ONLY 1 MATCH IN GOOGLE. I stripped off ave and #140 to see if due to different citations formatted differently, then only 2 matches.

So then I searched for the address format that's on the site. (the 2 should match.)
"Frantwan Leblanc Insurance Agency" "7595 W Washington Ave" "(702) 236-0367"
25,600 MATCHES - that's a little better. Then add in #140 and it's 3250, still not bad.

BUT I don't know if I'd risk changing address AND also don't know how address is listed in dash.
It may be correct there and diff live.

Plus there have been so many previous name changes on this listing it looks like.

So this is pretty much a scrambled mess. Beyond the scope of this forum for me to do much more than I already have. I can only do so much here as I need to spread my volunteer free time helping a few here AND and bunch of people on the Google forum, plus try to help on my consultants with their client issues.

But keep asking questions as you have them and hopefully Colan and others can help and I'll pop back in for short Qs but need to go work on client cases now.
Hi Linda,

Thanks for your valuable views. I will work accordingly and will ask you if needed any more.


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