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Apr 10, 2014
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Hi there,

We updated 500+ stores in Google Places, all business profiles were activated (Google reviewed and accepted the new descriptions etc...) But the new store information is still not showing in the SERPs and Map search.

I was wondering if any of you guys had the same issue and if you know how to speed up the Google cache update.

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Hi HichamD,

Welcome and thanks for posting.

You didn't say how long ago? How long has it been?

Also you said "still not showing up". Did you mean the listings are not live at all and you can't find them in maps with a direct phone search? Or did you mean they just are not showing up in search yet via a keyword search?

I don't deal with bulk at all, so don't have any answers for you but many of our members do, so hopefully they will weigh in.
Thanks Linda,

The profiles were updated 1 month ago and were fully approved after 1 week.

When I said not showing up, I was referring to the new information (description, categories) we added to the listings.

The Google listings are ranking well in both Map and Search, but with the old information, even when I open a Google+ listing, it is sill showing the old information (old description, wrong categories etc...) even though Google says the updates were approved.

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