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Aug 2, 2013
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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to get local rankings for a business for almost 6 months now. I have a verified Google My business with all the information but the costumers cannot find it in the seven pack.

The name of the business is Ken Factor, O.D. P.C., Tami R. Lang, O.D. and I think that’s the reason why is so hard to rank locally. Am I right? Is it anything I can do to improve the ranking results for them?

Any insight is highly appreciated

Vicky Bolivar
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Hello Vicki,
Can you provide links to the Google My Business (GMB) listings? This will help people dig in a bit. Any details will help as well.
Hi Vicky,

I did a quick look using yext at your citation and I saw many inconsistency in your business name and address. Thats is one of the reason why your client is not ranking. Other possible reason will be answer by the experts in this forum :D:)
"Ken Factor, O.D. P.C., Tami R. Lang, O.D." -Is this really the name of the business? Besides being too easy to become inconsistently listed over the various web properties (bad for local SEO) it would be almost impossible to attract new clients because no one will use that term to look for an eye doctor.

As jvaquino stated, there are many inconsistencies with your name and address listings. Even if the above is the actual business title, which I wouldn't recommend, it has to be consistently used in all your SEO efforts or else Google will become confused and ranking will suffer.
Hi Vicki, when I checked yesterday I don't think they were in the pack.

But I just was doing more research and now they are G at the bottom of the pack, so at least they are moving up. (For Optometrist Phoenix and reverse order.)

HOWEVER big bonus, you need to always be sure and check this and communicate it to clients...

Most SEOs rank check City KW or KW City. I think because if we aren't located there is easiest to get the cleanest reading.

But did you know consumers search without city, just KW 2 - 5 times more than they search for City KW or KW City? (In my estimation, based on previous research, varies by KW.)

Check "OPTOMETRIST" with location set to Phoenix.


That's huge, so when you report ranking to clients be sure to check KW only, geo-located to their city. Then also with someone like this that's way north, geo locate search to their zip because they are targeting N Phoenix and will get more clients from N Phoenix and will sometimes rank higher even up in their own zip.

But they are already in the A spot for both, so can't get any higher than that!

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