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Feb 18, 2021
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Hi I have a client that used to get a lot of leads and after taking over his account I've noticed the mass on his lead board.
I tried to research this section of the LSA, as I thought Google would rather have business that cooperate with them the most and let's say update the names emails and phone number on the lead board.

But and this is a big one - it is very bad interface that does not let you download the data or archive more than one lead at a time,
so before I focus on removing thousands of leads from the board or verify jobs as done can someone share with me their experience on how to get MORE our of it?

BTW It is very clear that one bad review (even a fake one) reducing the leads amount for few days (sometimes even no leads for several days!)
So I'm not sure how to check the impact of the leads board as the negative reviews keep on coming whenever we ranking higher.

Will appreciate any new insights about it!

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You are correct, it is a one by one process. It is messy and I believe it is intended to be this way to force a user to research every lead.

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