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Jul 7, 2014
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I have noticed that the last few days when you try to search a city to find the boundaries Google will show them in the knowledge panel but when you go into the map it will not.

Is this just me?
I can't find it right now, but I believe this is a known bug and G is aware of it and working on it.
Mike asked Google yesterday and we are waiting on an answer.

I think you might have seen a Google Maps thread Scott, where a TC said that, but our contact has not been able to confirm if that's correct or not.

Here is a public thread I can link to: <a href="!topic/maps/0XFH5RDJCRE;context-place=forum/maps">LOCAL AREA BOUNDERIES DID NOT SHOWED</a>

Lots of folks there are pretty passionate about how much they need that feature.
One of the Maps TCs told me it is a bug, it's the 3rd time it has happened this year, and last time it took 3 weeks to fix.
In the meantime, the feature still works in Map Maker if needed.

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