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Sep 25, 2018
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I saw this thread on the GMB forum and was curious if others are seeing business logos showing up in Google Maps?


I don't recall seeing this myself and can't replicate the results. Is this a test, or have I just missed it?

IMO if it is a test I hope it isn't rolled out fully. These icons are far too small to be helpful.
Hey Dan, what was the search query?

Or were you just browsing Google Maps?
Unfortunately, I don't have the search query. I took the screenshot from this thread.

Although, I tried a variety of queries including branded and non-branded to try to replicate the results and I haven't had any success.
Sorry. Ignore that. I thought it was showing the Shopper's logo but that's just the generic drug store marker. I get the same one for Rexall.

I *think* these are coming from ads. I just found one in Toronto for Lululemon and when I hovered over it, it was indeed an ad.

promoted pins ads.png
I think @JoyHawkins is right. I've seen several of them and they all have ads running. I've also tried on both desktop and mobile and have only seen them show up on mobile as @Margaret Ornsby pointed out.

Here's a WalMart:


Thx @JoyHawkins & @MattPelkey, that does make sense.
There is no ad in the way Joy's screen shows, but there is the way Matt shows. Didn't see it yesterday but that could be b/c it was the end of the day & had kids running in & out of the office...
@Margaret Ornsby - there are ads in mine too. When I hover over it, I see the popup which has the purple ad label on it.

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