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Apr 15, 2013
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Hi guys,

I have around 200 Google Places listings in Google My Business.

184 of them have google updates.

I went through around 100 of them, edited and reviewed the address and location for best accuracy to try and reduce that 184 number done to a lower amount and to ensure there are no errors.

Spent ages doing this, mainly correcting address and location of pins.

Out of 100 of these corrections, 80-90 have are back in the google updates tab. So i still have 170 to correct/check even though i went through 100!

It seems that any change i make to addresses, seem to revert back into the google updates tab (base on user reports and data).

This information about your location was updated based on user reports and other data. Review and edit these updates. Then click Submit to apply the changes to your account and to what's live on Maps.

So is it absolutely pointless to even bother correcting addresses, how it Google so dam sure the address they correct too is even correct? Surely I, the business manager know more then some user or "data" source Google is collecting. Also this messes with citations, as the NAP (addresses) are then not the same as the ones added to citations!

Is anyone else experiencing these issues, or can share there knowledge/insight around this?

It would be very much appreciated!!

Kind Regards,
Hey Matt:

I presume the business listings are claimed and verified?

What type(s) of addresses are you trying to verify? Are they the standard:
123 Main St
Your City, Your State?

Or are the addresses this type:
W123 S4567 Main St
Your City, Your State?
Hey Matt,

Do you want to list an example of one? List what you have in the GMBL dashboard and the link to the live listing? I can check a few things on it and see if I can spot the issue?

Do you have managers on these listings that might be submitting different data than what you have in your account?

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